Popular festival that is celebrated 40 days before Easter, coinciding with Carnivals, the Quintos are in charge of masking people who go down the street with flour to claim this holiday.


History of the party

The “Festa de l’Eixabegó” is celebrated in Carnivals and the objective is to mask people who go down the street with flour, which is why it is also known as the Flour Festival. It is a festival that is also celebrated in other places such as Ibi (l \ ‘Alcoià) and Bèlgida (Vall d’Albaida), although there are some differences in the development of the festival. In Planes, according to the oldest of the town, the quintos got up early and walked with bouquets of burning herbs scenting the streets. Their objective was to raise money to carry out military service, so if they found a neighbor of the town who did not contribute, they would link him with an “eixabegó” or net and flour him. Nowadays, the “l’Eixabegó” festival moves to the Carnival Saturday. The fifths go out to the streets at 7 in the morning in a parade to shoot rockets. Then they stop for lunch and continue the party until 12 o’clock, when the Fifths collect the volunteers from the houses of the town, accompanied by the Unión Musical de Planes. At noon the party ends with a popular meal. It is, without a doubt, a unique festival that must be protected so that more people participate each year.