This church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, is the oldest in the entire municipality since, after the letter of establishment was granted to the Christians, Planes was the only Christian village while the districts continued to be inhabited by Moors. It is a church with three naves separated by semicircular arches, with side altars as chapels dedicated to different saints. It seems that the nave of the Eucharist is the oldest, dating from the 14th century, with the bell tower located at the foot and an entrance to the north. Later, the temple was expanded from this first nave. The main door, located at the feet and in a classicist style, takes us back to the 17th century, when the definitive extension of the church could be completed. In recent restorations, remains of frescoes were discovered in the vault of the central nave. There are indications that the main altar was also covered with frescoes that disappeared after the Civil War, when the wooden altarpiece that presided over it was burned. It is the only church in the municipality that still has a garden next to the temple, although it is not currently being worked on.