According to tradition, the hermitage dates from the 15th century and was reduced to the current sacristy that, indeed, has Gothic-style remnants and an east-facing altar, and was dedicated to San Cristóval and Santa Bárbara.

The change of dedication took place in the middle of the 18th century, and since then it has been known as the hermitage of the Santísimo Cristo de Planes. Currently, the main altar of the hermitage is located facing west, with an entrance portico with three arches and a belfry.

The interior is divided into the central nave, covered with a barrel vault separated by false semicircular arches, and side chapels without communication between them. Next to the temple is the old house of the hermits, and the entire architectural complex is covered by a gabled roof.

The most characteristic access is by following the Via Crucis, zigzagged, located on the southwest slope of the San Cristóbal hill on which the temple is located.