Example of the so-called term crossings that are available to protect the crossroads since, according to popular tradition, they were the places where the devil appeared. Both examples can be dated to the end of the 16th century, when the process of evangelization of the Moors became a priority for the ecclesiastical authorities. And it is that another of its functions was to mark the entrance to Christian towns. La Cruz, located next to the CV-700 highway, is larger. It is located on four covered steps. The cross itself is placed on a pilaster decorated with a flower that recalls the rose windows of Gothic churches. It presents the image of the Holy Christ towards the east and the Virgin with the Child in her arms towards the west. The other example is smaller and has no cover. The most unique thing in this case is that it is placed on a wheat grinding wheel. Today it is still common to go for a walk from “Creu to Creueta”.

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